Our goal is to help in the knowledge of the richest world of ancient traditions, to join the spiritual world, which unites us and enables us to become better and realize ourselves. To implement these ideas, your support is needed.

«Gather yourselves an offering to the Lord. Everyone who is moved by the heart, let him give the Lord an offering - gold, silver, copper»

Book of Shmot, Waikagel, 35: 5

Our Torah Quest project has a special mission. Torah Quest is a video blog about the Torah in Russian. With the help of our project, viewers see that reading and teaching the Torah is not so difficult as it seems at first, the main thing is the desire. Because the Torah is for everyone, and everyone needs to know it, regardless of religion and country of residence.

Pinchas Goldschmidt - Chief Rabbi of Moscow on Torahquest

In our videos, topics that are close to each of us in our daily life are touched upon and developed. During the filming, our team travels with you to interesting places in Israel, and each of these places is surprisingly connected with the head of the Torah.

To continue working on the Torah Quest project, we need your help. We have a lot of ideas and plans!


That’s why we decided to address you.


Large sponsors

Are you all right with the money, but do not have time to study the Torah and the commandments? Then leave it to us! Among the Jews there have always been those who dedicate their lives to preserving the long-standing traditions, studying the Torah and serving in the Temple. Once, when our ancestors settled in Israel, Issachar and Zvulun concluded a contract. Issachar will teach the Torah, and Zvulun will conduct the trade. In this case, earnings (both material and spiritual) will be divided in half. We offer wealthy people to become our partners and receive a share of our good deeds. Your share is the creation of new Jewish families, the formation and study of the Torah. Because to make the world better is our common cause.

Any amount of donation will allow us to continue the project and entice even more people to the process of studying the Torah. Teach Torah – it’s addictive!

Initiation. At your request, we can devote a chapter to bar / bat mitzvah, to Brit, birthday, wedding, the anniversary of the death of a loved one or any significant event for you or a person.

Every shekel is important to us. We are open to communication and new ideas. And therefore, if you have any suggestions or wishes, then we are ready for anything new. And if you want to take part in this socially important project, then we are with you!